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Analyse your personality and track your mood with PostMood. For free.

“Many scientists agree that simply being aware of our mood over time helps us to improve it. I've created this tool to support a mindful approach to your own personal happiness. It works for me and I hope it helps you too.”

Alex, CEO PostMood

Measuring Happiness

How does PostMood work?

PostMood is a bit clever.

We think it's the first Facebook Sentiment Analyser (that everyone can use) in the world.

Underneath our simple website, the system takes your Facebook posts (with your permission of course!) and feeds them one by one through a powerful text analysis tool created by some awesome boffins.

This tool is able to compare your posts with up to 2.8 million other documents to calculate your sentiment and mood scores.

It's like seeing you, from the outside. It literally measures how you come across.

Analysis powered by:

Securely hosted using:

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Reveal your personality

Log in to PostMood on your mobile

Log in to PostMood on your mobile, tablet or laptop to complete daily challenges. Each completed challenge adds up towards big prizes = rewarding positivity.

See how you come across online

It seems like the whole world is on Facebook.

But few of us pause to think about how we come across in the posts we make.

Analysing our Facebook Personality is fun but comparing it with friends or even celebrities is fascinating. It's up to you to decide if the person you seem to be is who you really are, or want to be.

The deeper you go into PostMood, the more you'll see how your emotions seem to change over time and perhaps be able to identify the events or people who lift you up and bring you down.

The changes you make are up to you.

“There are a lot of fun apps on Facebook but this one is truly useful! Thank you!”

Angela D

Business Awards 2016 Finalist Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2016 Finalist

* Lets be clear about data. We want to study global happiness. To do that we’re going to be looking at regional scores across all members! We won’t be able to see your personal posts, social media timeline or even your name when we do that but we think it’s worth it for the sake of mankind. Our project is free to use and all the big fancy T’s & C’s are available before joining. We’re good geeks.

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